Oh, What a Week.

Today is my Friday and I couldn’t be happier.  If you follow me on twitter you know that I’ve had the week from hell.  Lots of computer frustration and lack of running.   I’ve stayed late every day this week and have brought work home with me for the weekend.  At least I can get it done in my jammies with lots of coffee at my disposal. 🙂

I did start the day off with the intention of going for a run tonight.  Poor Melanie, she probably thinks I’ve jumped ship.    Anywho, days that I run I really like to fuel up well in the morning. 

A small cinnamon raisin bagel with a smear of almond butter & drizzle of Nova Scotia honey.  

Add in a steamy cuppa joe…cuz I’m a coffee snob, nothing but the best in this household – Just Us French Roast w/ a bit of sugar & blend cream. 

And a healthy serving of fruits & veggies.  How yummy does this purple smoothie look? UVAB, ice, organic blueberries, organic spinach, organic banana, flax, chia seeds & Amazing Grass Berry Superfood.

Breakie of champs!


I’m having a lot of fun answering questions on FormSpring.   One of the questions someone asked me was:

You’re a beautiful woman, why don’t you ever smile with your teeth showing? To which my response was:

I don’t ever show my teeth because I think they’re ugly and gross. I know they aren’t that bad; they’re fairly straight but sometimes I contemplate getting braces. Everyone says getting braces as an adult is the WORST so I haven’t yet.

Yup, I am incredibly self conscious of my smile. No idea why.

Then I got a request:

Can we SEE your teeth? I bet they’re as gorgeous as the rest of you.

So….. I started to look back over the years and there are hardly any pics of me showing my pearly whites.  But I managed to come up with a few and even had hubby take one for good measure:

This is my it’s been a super long and exhausting week look.

Mom & I this past Fall.

And for added cuteness.

There you have it, I do have teeth. LOL

Any of you got a question for me? You can ask anonymously via FormSpring. So much fun to answer and ever more fun to read everyone else’s Q/A’s!

Early St. Patricks Day Dance

Talkin’ Hoops with Halifax Rainmen forward, Jevohn Shepherd