Oh You Cheeky Monkey!

So it’s no surprise that I love wine. But I also love wine with great names – Fat Bastard, Skinny Bitch, Relax… you get the point. Sometimes the wine may not be the best but I love saucy marketing.

Last week, I made wine. No, I didn’t turn water into wine (I have yet to master that skill but I’m working on it). I made a stop into Island Winemakers which is a new store close to where I live to visit with owners John and Loretta (lovely folks, you really should go in and meet them if you’re in the Sydney, NS area). I’ve driven by for months meaning to stop in but didn’t until I had a great excuse – a coupon for free bottles. Island Winemakers has all the wine making supplies needed to make your wine at home or in their modern winery. They have every kind of wine available and I was a bit overwhelmed by the choices until I spotted Cheeky Monkey.


I chose the Merlot. In 30 days, I’ll have 30 bottles. In 30 days, I’ll be toasting this amazing find. In 31 days, I’ll probably have a bit of a hangover but it will be worth it.

Knowing that I like to start things but rarely have the patience to finish them, at-home wine making is not for me! So that’s why this is a perfect set up. All I have to do is sprinkle the yeast and John and Loretta do the rest:


But I do have to wait the 30 days until I get THE CALL that my wine is ready:


Then I go in and bottle (and taste) the wine and I’m done. Magic!!! The only hard part will be the waiting…


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