On-street parking permits getting a rate hike next month

Effective Saturday, April 1, changes to annual parking permit fees, visitor parking permits, commuter permits, carshare parking and the ability to purchase second permits will be in effect. 

  • Annual parking permit fees will increase from $40/year to $75/year.
  • Residents can purchase a second annual parking permit for $175/year.
  • Annual visitor parking permits will shift to pay-per-use:
    • One day: $15
    • Two days: $25
    • Seven days: $35
  • Carshare vehicles will be able to park at any on-street paid parking location.
  • Commuter permits will see price increases or price decreases, depending on the zone. Student commuter permits will change from a flat rate of $35/month to $10/month discount off the regular zone price.
  • All permits will shift to a digital format, removing the need for replacement fees.

These changes, supported by amendments to By-law P-1200 and approved by Regional Council, will streamline purchases, increase flexibility and create efficiencies in a new digital format. These changes are also based on resident feedback and will better align with residents’ needs and better reflect the cost of administering these programs. 

All current parking permits will remain valid until they expire. 

For more details, visit: halifax.ca/parking.

Source: Release

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