Once Upon A Time: When you wish upon a star…

Like I guessed two weeks ago, I wasn’t a fan of last night’s Henry-centric episode of Once Upon A Time. Am I the only person who finds this kid incredibly grating? Not to mention wooden, bratty and inexplicably trusted by grownups? I mean, he almost got a person killed this week. And why? Because he saw something shiny at the bottom of a collapsed mine! Come on. Even Henry’s most vocal supporters, his therapist and his biological mom, don’t truly believe that everyone in town is a storybook character. They’re just entertaining the kid’s vivid imagination, probably because they feel bad that his mom is such a bitch. It might make me a terrible person, but I was actually rooting for him to get stuck in the mine last night.

And that last comment from Jiminy Cricket Archie to Regina about a potential custody battle? Come on. What has she done so far that has really exposed her to be an unfit mother? She’s just mean and possessive, but nothing criminal. And why would Henry automatically go to Emma in that case? Just because she gave birth to him and gave him up when she was 18? Is that really how these things work? They do in Storybrooke, I guess. It’s reminding me of everything I hate about Glee right now. Brief moments of good storytelling came when Mary and John Doe interacted. More of that, please!

Usually I’m much more into the fairytale land storyline, but this week I didn’t enjoy it at all. Jiminy Cricket was a whiny, easily manipulated schmuck and I had no sympathy for him at all. I want Cinderella and Snow White back.

Maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee today, but this episode of Once was one that has me leaning closer towards dumping the show than continuing to watch. I’ll stick it out a while longer, especially since next week’s episode will highlight John Doe.

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