One final push to save the Oval

We’re almost there. On March 29th, following four hours of deliberation, HRM council voted in favour of keeping the Oval as a 400m speed skating track located on the North Common.

However, there’s still a chance that a permanent facility might not go ahead once council gets to budget discussions. Please take a moment to email or call your councillor to thank them for supporting the Oval.

If they were one of the few who did not support the facility, ask them to please change their position for the good of our community. You can find all of their contact information on the site.

If you would like further information on the planned facility and what it means for winter and summer recreation on the North Common, please read this report. You’ll see that the Oval that is being planned is very different than the temporary facility from this past winter. It will be sunken into the ground, and the fences and other temporary structures will not be needed on site, helping to maintain the beauty of the Common.

Donation Update

The Save the Oval Association, working in conjunction with corporate partners, has managed to raise over one million dollars for the Oval. Our thanks to Emera, Molson Coors, the 1990 World Figure Skating Legacy Fund, GoodLife Fitness and private donors like you.

We are presently working on a sponsorship plan and have met with the city to develop a sponsorship plan. You can still make a donation (every little bit helps!), by visiting our donations page. If you work with a corporation or other organization that would like to make a larger donation, please contact Dr. John Gillis, our fundraising director, to work out the details.


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