I have recently discovered Orglamix, a mineral makeup site on etsy. What strikes my curiosity was its growth: more than 1100 sales in 3 months (the store started out on etsy in July 2009). According to Cheri, the owner, it was thanks to words of mouth, and I do believe that.

I was offered 3 shades of Orglamix shadows for review: first row, from L-R: Brimstone, Citron and Vetiver (I was looking for Wasabi, one of their best seller shades, but it was out of stock at the time).

I also participated in a blog giveaway (31 jars for each day of the month of September), and I won Cinnamon. Cheri was sweet to include a freebie: Le Mystere.

The jars arrived with scented plastic petals, which I think was a nice feminine touch, plus a little note from Cheri.

Here are the swatches, on top of my regular cream base.

I have a hard time capture Vetiver, so we have to make due with the best pic I could take.
Brimstone is a beautiful black with blue fine glitters, really pretty, perfect for smoky eyes.
Citron: shimmery rich yellow
Vetiver: darken green, little shimmer
Cinnamon: bronze, packed with glitters, almost looks metallic on my arm, awesome fall colour
Le Mystere looks white in the jar, appear light gold on my arm. Very interesting.

I hate the fact that the camera fails to show you how beautiful the colours are. Check out the website, Cheri has swatches on the eyes for easy reference.

Here’s a close up that shows the colours a bit better. Application was easy, and the colours are buildable, depending on how intense you want them to look on your lids.

My favorites out of the bunch are Brimstone and Cinnamon, but Le Mystere would be a fun shade on top of other colours. You never know what it would turn into, hence the name 🙂 Extra points for the beautiful flower label on top of the jars, not too busy to cover the colours below it but detailed enough to show the girly deco.

So, check out Orglamix to see for yourself what the buzz is all about. Right now, there are a few giveaways running on blogs for Orglamix shadows or collections, if you want to test your luck for this Halloween 🙂

Catch the Drift with Mama Snow giveaways 3 sets of Pink Chocolate Collection (Moonstone, Silk and Sandalwood), opens worldwide until October 15.

A Simple Kinda Life giveaways 3 sets of Horcrux Collection (Obsidian and Grape Hyacinth), opens worldwide until October 19.

Tictac Dough: 5 winners for a shade of choice, ends October 21 at noon PST.

Tales of a Shoppaholic Mommy giveaways 3 sets of Floo Powder Collection (Brimstone, Obsidian and Fog), opens worldwide until October 21.

A Family Completed giveaways 3 sets of Twilight Collection (Ylang Ylang, Wisteria and Skyline), opens worldwide until October 22 at 7am PST.

My Four Monkeys: 31 days, 31 winners of an eyeshadow of choice, opens worldwide until October 31.

Good luck!


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