Suzy Shier & Claire’s haul

So, I went to the mall Friday night checking out the sales.

Suzy Shier first, as 30% off was promising. I did find the 2 tops that I posted in the sale info post, but I didn’t like how they looked on me. The material was odd too. Booo…

I turned to the jewelry section instead, found 4 items. The 2 for CAD5 deal was still on, before
discount of course. Cheap! 🙂

Squirt actually found the butterfly necklace, the last one on the shelf. I was glad she did, lol. She shops with me often enough and likes to pick out stuff for me. The butterfly is very pretty, with some glossy dots on the wings.

And then, we passed by Claire’s and the 10 for $10 sign was up again. Darn, I could never resist this kind of deal they offer.

For the first time ever, they had nail polishes in the sale bins. I was so excited, as I don’t own any Claire’s polishes.

From L-R:
Julius, orange with fine gold glitters
Morning in Malibu, a shimmery red
Sparkle, forest green glitters in clear base, and
I ♥ USA with red, white and blue stars in clear base.
The wooden letter A with zebra prints is the picture clip/holder. It’s my inital, and I like animal prints 🙂

For earrings, I scored great this time as well.

Found more thread earrings, more colours. My sis already reserves the red/orange pair, as it’s small, fits her face shape better.

The 2 items on the lower right hand side are rings – a sea green flower and a metal butterfly. So glad I found them in my size (smallest size they have) as this size is not easy to find normally.

Squirt also scored a few Halloween and princess earrings, hair clips, sunglasses and an iCarly notebook that she wanted to use for her journal/diary. For $1 a piece, we were 2 happy clams.

Squirt and the bf went skating this morning, I opted out and slept in instead 🙂 We’ll probably head out to Swiss Chalet for Thanksgiving dinner tonight – as I hate to cook a big turkey just for 3 of us. Wish our families live closer.

Anyway, hope you enjoy a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones. For those who aren’t Canadians, have a great weekend!

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Happy (Canadian) Turkey Day!