Out of Service ambulance numbers hold steady, but relief nowhere in sight says union​

**** IUOE Local 727 Media Release

Data collected over the months of March, April and May 2019 show that the number of Half-Staffed and Out of Service Ambulances is similar to previous data for the months of October, November and December. While numbers have not worsened, relief is still nowhere in sight.​

“We are happy to see that things are no longer getting worse for the time being, but things need to improve and fast.” said Michael Nickerson, President of IUOE Local 727. “These numbers haven’t gotten worse, but they still aren’t good. Something needs to be done now.”

Nova Scotia saw 378 incidents of Half-Staffed or Out of Service March, 236 in April and 334 in May. That’s a total of 948 incidents over a three-month period, compared to 989 through October, November and December 2018.​

“Out of service ambulances create a public safety issue and the public has a right to know the true state of their Emergency Healthcare System. This government is often reluctant to admit there is a crisis in many components of the healthcare system. The general public experience it every day, either for themselves or through family and friends.” Nickerson said.​

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