Outlined Chevron Accent Nails

Today I am wearing a mani that is very fun for this time of year. It’s inspired by one I did last spring, but using brighter colors. I used Essie Where’s My Chauffeur, OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay, and OPI MY Boyfriend Scales Walls.

The chevrons were done with @teismom Nail Vinyls, but the outlining was freehand (clearly!).

To replicate the accent nails, do one layer of turquoise and then a layer of white (leaving 1-2mm gap of turquoise around the cuticle and sides of your nail). After that has dried, place chevron vinyls over the nail and fill in any white areas with a dark blue. Peel off the vinyls quickly. Now all you need to do is add a thin line of turquoise to the tip of your nail and cover with a good top coat that won’t streak.

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