Owner Cronies

Cronies are those fortunate souls who are close and personal friends of the owner of the restaurant or bar you are working at. These people, due to their affiliation with the guy who signs your paycheque, becomes privy to a more heightened level of customer service than the ordinary guest. In other words, he’s treated like a big shot because he’s your boss’ buddy.
What separates the cronies apart from other friends of your boss is that they revel in their newfound importance. They come in all the time and they fully expect to be treated like royalty. If they are not treated as such, you can safely wager your boss will hear about it.
What also separates them is that they are always first class knuckleheads. Socially awkward windbags that exhibit the type of eye-rolling behaviour that makes you cringe the second you see them walk through the door.
What’s worse, they think that your boss is a great guy. Of course, you probably don’t agree. Thus, as the crony pulls up a chair to the bar and begins to tell you all his university adventures with your boss, you are forced to feign interest and give plenty of fake laughs. Your only sanctuary is the kitchen where you and your fellow employees can make fun of him.
One time a crony, while sitting at the bar with the owner, demanded that I make martinis. Not an unreasonable request. Except at this point it was 5 minutes to closing. Also, this crony was actually a server at another restaurant.
She should have been well aware of the unwritten rule that you don’t ask for complicated drinks minutes before closing. It was the owner who had to talk her out of it, and she argues that is shouldn’t be a big deal. That was a rare sight. The owner sticking up for the bartender, while the server who should know better, keeps pushing for the unreasonable request. Such is the influence of power that overcomes the crony. It`s sweet intoxication knows no limits.

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