Oxford and Larch streets – Urban forest tree pruning

Monday, Jan. 16, 2016 (Halifax, NS) – Street tree pruning will continue this week in the south end of the peninsula on Oxford and Larch streets. 

The Urban Forest Master Plan outlines the value in being proactive with street tree pruning activities. Damage to street trees – as well as nearby utility lines – can be avoided with more regular cycles of tree pruning, rather than simply reacting on an “as needed” basis whenever there’s a problem. Regular pruning can also extend the life and improve the canopy of street trees.

Both Oxford and Larch streets will be open to traffic however there will be temporary lane closures and no-parking signs in place while pruning takes place. Tow-away signs will be installed today on Larch Street and will go into effect on Tuesday morning. Pedestrians may also experience delays due to temporary sidewalk closures. Motorists are reminded to reduce speed when entering the work area. Drivers are encouraged to use alternative routes due to the potential for delays.

Crews are at the half-way point of this winter’s tree pruning program. Sixteen streets have seen proactive tree pruning completed, with approximately the same number to be addressed over the coming month and a half. For a list of streets left to work on, and the timelines, please go to the municipality’s Urban Forest Master Plan website.

The municipality apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this tree-pruning project may cause.

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