Ozotic Pro haul

A little fact for you: If you have heard about Ozotic Pro, you are a nail polish fanatic. And if you make your friend jump through hoops to get you some Ozotic Pro, you are a true nail polish fanatic, lol.

And a true fanatic I am, I finally got them in my hands!!! As you might have known, Ozotic Pro is well known for their multi-chrome nail polish but is very hard to come by.

My “twin sister” helped me order from a seller who only ships within Australia. I went with a few popular shades, and picked the rest out of a few colour charts the seller had. It was a long wait to get them, but of course it was worth it.

The polishes do not disappoint. Here they are looking gorgeous. You see some duplicates there as I’m ordering for some friends too 🙂

The only thing that upset me was the seller left out 5 of the multi-chromes that I really wanted to try and sent me a bunch of holos instead. I cried a little inside, but it’s too late to even think about fixing this. So let’s move on to check out what we do have.

First batch: The 500’s – Ozotic Pro Multi-chromes. This is the IT shades, what Ozotic Pro is known for. I would get around to them soon enough to show you how fantastic they are.

From L-R: 504, 505, 506 and 520.

Like I said, I ordered another 5 multi-chromes shades in this order which didn’t arrive. My head is aching, seriously.

Nonetheless, aren’t these pretty or what? I fell in love with them the moment I saw the swatches on blogs. Why are great brands with unique shades/ finishes so hard to come by?

Now the 600’s – Ozotic Pro Holos.

First row, from L-R: 501, 607, 609 and 617.
Second row: 619, 621 and 624.

See my problem here? I do love holos but this is ridiculous. Give me my damn multi-chromes!!! To be fair, 617 and all 3 at the bottom are very pretty, but I’m spoiled with China Glaze and Milani holos that I can’t stay excited too long over them.

Once I heal my wound over the 500’s, promise I will give these holos some love.

And the rest: the 700’s – Ozotic Pro Duochromes.
From L-R: 730, 743 and 745.

I didn’t order many 700’s, as I know I’d be wowed by the 500’s. The seller offered wholesale price for 20+ bottles, so I wanted to order a wider range rather than wrapping my head around the multi-chromes alone.

Do you think I’m nuts ordering blindly from blog swatches and drop swatches on the colour charts? But ultimately, online shopping is like that, except that I don’t think I can do an exchange or return all the way to Australia, lol. Yeah, I have my moments 🙂

Do you see any favorite bottle colours yet? Does any pic make your head spin? I know I’m exaggerating but the truth about my head spinning isn’t that far off. Have a great day!

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