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Pancakes From a Can?!

Not too shabby eh?


What if I told it they were pancakes from an aerosol can?!?!


Oh yes!


So I saw this on the shelf by the organic yogurt the other day at the grocery store and I laughed out loud.  The idea of it was hilarious to me and more so because it is “organic.”  Many people assume that because something is “organic” that is a “healthy” choice.  As you can see from the ingredients, it’s not all good, but not all bad either.  But it is in a can after all.  I decided that I had to buy it, if for nothing else, for the blog! 😀

This morning was as good a day as any to put this puppy to the test.  I warmed up my non-stick pan, sprayed it with some EVOO and gave it a few “squirts” ? of pancake batter:


Then I started to panic wondering what I was going to do to “healthify” them a bit more and I sprinkled them with sprouted ground chia!


They cooked up quite nicely actually!


I sprinkled a few POM seeds on top and some sugar free syrup for dipping.  It ended up being kind of impressive! 


I think what I liked most about it was that it’s ready-made batter in the fridge and I can make it in no-time flatif I want pancakes on a “work” morning.  They weren’t too bad in the fluffy department either.  But all in all, that would be my only reason for wanting to use it.  It’s pretty easy to whip up a batch of pancakes if you’ve got more than a few minutes!

Nooowwwwww, moving on to my new LOVE!!!


You might not think so by looking at it, but this stuff rocks my world :-)


It has such a beautiful fresh balance of bright tasting ingredients like ginger, cilantro and lemon grass are incredible and I just love it!  The lemon grass really sticks out and it kicks the pants off of regular hummus in the taste department and is comparable in the NI department.


I can’t be trusted around it if I’m hungry at all!


I will most DEFINITELY be needing a new container of this next grocery shop!

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