Parenthood – “I’m Getting Sugar.”

You know what Parenthood does so well? Shared looks. Especially between the Braverman kids. Several times in this episode, Crosby, Sarah, Adam and Julia shared looks and you knew what they were communicating to one another.

“Gee, Dad’s not going on the trip?” “Wow, what’s Julia’s freakout about?” Raised eyebrows, pursed lips, bulging eyes, etc. It nails the sibling relationship so perfectly. It’s a small thing, but it’s one of the reasons I loved this show.

I really liked this week’s episode. There was no stupid election talk, and I liked how chaotic it felt. There were lots of moments with family members talking over one another, or conversations going awry, and that’s Parenthood at its best.

I think we’re seeing a couple of tiny cracks in Amber and Ryan’s relationship – the way he looked at her when he saw another guy’s hand around her waist, her apologetic attitude about changing her mind on wedding plans. Is she too young to get married? I don’t think the show has finished answering that question yet, even if Sarah has pushed it to the back of her mind. I loved the scene where she asked Kristina about her and Adam’s proposal.

And we’re seeing Amber come into her own as an employee of the Luncheonette. Her gig hosting the concert highlighted the differences between her and Ryan more than we usually see – Ryan is a lone wolf, a military guy. Amber’s a young, hot, bubbly hipster with hipster friends. Sometimes two people can be perfect together when they’re alone, but not when they’re in the outside world.

And then Ryan re-proposed with a ring, and it was very sweet. You can’t help but root for them as you question them, which is why this show is so great.

Drew is a little cut off from the rest of the family, but this week his scenes tied in really well with the rest of the family. The poor kid, he’s such a sensitive old soul. He has a friend with benefits, and I’m not sure he even knows what that is.

I really liked the stuff with Hank, Max and Sarah. Max incorrectly summarized the conversation he’d had with Hank about Hank and Sarah’s relationship, and she was rightfully upset. But poor Hank felt so flustered, and put upon, and unfairly criticized. It was a great scene. Also, “Did you change your teeth?” is the new Goodbye.

I’m still not a big fan of the Julia and Joel storyline, but I will say I think there’s something interesting in portraying the panic one feels when they’re attracted to someone who’s not their significant other. Attraction and crushes are just human nature, I’m sure it happens to anyone. But I so desperately want this to be a tiny hiccup in their relationship, and not something that Julia ever acts upon. I’m not sure the show will keep it that minor.

Julia’s anger over the tension in her parents’ relationship, Joel working overtime, and cleaning up after her kids, that’s what’s fascinating. This is a totally new role for her, and it’s not for her. She’s not happy. And that sucks. I just wish the situation wasn’t “Joel brushed Julia off, but this new guy texts funny photos!”

I’m glad that Camille went to Italy on her own, but I wish Zeke had offered to go visit her before she got in the cab. Just for like, the last two weeks! And then he set off the expensive alarm and I giggled. Oh, Zeke. How will you get by?

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