Parks and Recreation: Thursday Night’s Alright for Fighting

The only thing better than a hilarious episode of Parks and Recreation is TWO hilarious episodes of Parks and Recreation. Yes, last night we were treated to a double feature of the best comedy on TV, and I couldn’t have been happier.

The first episode, called “The Fight” brought everyone out of the office and over to the Snakehole, where Tom was pushing his new booze “Snake Juice”. I love when these crazy kids get together outside of work, and I love it even more when they get drunk. And Tom’s booze, a deadly combination of alcohol and caffeine, sure did the trick.

One thing I really loved about this episode was how well it portrayed what a fight between two best friends is like. It started off with a little tension – Ann’s been dating around a lot lately, and that’s not necessarily something Leslie is down with. Especially when she lends one of the Lovers of the Week a book, which will never be seen again. The tension escalated at the Snakehole when Ann introduced Leslie to her new friend “The Douche”, and the Snake Juice really took things to the next level.

Leslie and Ann started off not really wanting to fight, but not being able to hold back either. Oh come on, we’ve all started an ill-advised sentence with “No offense, but…” before, right? Things got crazy, and they ended up fighting in the bathroom about boys. Part of the problem was that Leslie wanted Ann to get a new job with the Dept. of Health so they could work together, but Ann was only lukewarm about the idea.

Not only was the fight hilarious, but everyone’s lowered inhibitions meant that Ben and Leslie’s mutual affections were brought to light. This was good news for everyone (like me) who’s been dying to see them get together, and it only got better.

There were so many other great things about this episode. I loved that Ron was so hesitant to help Tom promote his new liquor, but then loved it so much that he pushed it on everyone. I loved April and Andy’s little role playing game, especially April as some old-timey rich lady with a cool accent. I loved everyone being completely drunk off Tom’s ridiculous booze, and Ron wearing April’s hat and dancing.

Yet, for all that was fantastic about “The Fight”, the next episode was even better. But before you read that review, check out these favourite quotes and moments from the first episode:

  • The script Tom wrote for everyone, which called for Ron to say “Ca-razy”.
  • “I won’t publicly endorse a product unless I use it exclusively and I really believe in it. My only official recommendations are US Army issued mustache trimmers, Morton’s Salt, and the C.R. Lawrence fine two inch style oscillating knife blade.” – Ron
  • Chris reading out all the “Jan Cooper has Chlamydia” posters that the old PR person for the Dept. of Health had made about his wife.
  • Ann: “9:00 a.m., wow…”
    Leslie: “I know! I couldn’t get it any earlier!”
  • Donna, who was on a cleanse and didn’t drink, driving everyone home in her Mercedes. With Jerry tied to the roof.
  • Ben: “I feel great, I ran 5k this morning.”
    Leslie: “Really?”
    Ben: “No. I threw up in the shower.”
  • Andy throwing up as he chased after April. So, so gross. But funny.
  • “Yeah, what the hell is in Snake Juice? Demerol?” – Ann




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