Pease Please

Newfies rejoice.

One of my favourite parts of a Newfoundland Jiggs Dinner is the “Pease Pudding.” It’s not something that we have every day, because it takes a while to cook as a part of the traditional “boiled dinner” and to make it you place dried split yellow peas in a cloth bag and boil it in water for hours, then mix it up with butter, salt and pepper.  So given the amount of time it takes to make, it’s a rare treat.  That is until…


I found it at Pete’s Frootique!  Pete’s always has the most obscure things that you would never find anywhere else in the city and it looks like this one’s from all the way in the UK. As it turns out, pease pudding originated in England (fun fact :-P)  I thought, why the heck not give it a try because what have I got to lose?  It’s only peas!

Speaking of which, the ingredients are pretty much just the same as homemade: Rehydrated yellow peas, water, salt, spices.

Nutritionals: per 100g: 94 cals, 15.9g carbs, 0.5g of which sugars, 0.7g fat, 0.1g of which is saturates, 1,7g fibre,0.2g sodium


It never looks like much more than yellow mashed potatoes, but if you like traditional pease pudding, this quick and easy version did not disappoint and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference!



I had it as a side dish with a pork schnitzel and a collard green sauté for a delicious and absolutely healthy complete meal.IMG_7650


Glad I picked up another can in good faith!

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