Penguin Nail Tutorial

Here are the nails I created for @thelittlecanvas blog ❄️ I used Picture Polish Super Styling as the base color. These are so glittery and fun for winter!

Tutorial for my Penguin nails:


Start with your favourite base coat and add two coats of a blue glitter polish.

2. Using a black polish, paint a strip of polish down the center of your nail, staying away from the cuticle and edges of your nail. This is similar to creating a ruffian manicure!

3. Once step 2 is dry, do the same with the white polish, but start a little further down the nail so you have space on the black for the penguins eyes. Using the medium dotting tool, make two white dots for the eyes.

4. Using the small dotting tool, make two black dots in the white dots for pupils.

5. Using a small dotting tool or a small nail art brush and the orange polish, make two half dots on the tip of your nail for feet. Also add a small triangle for a nose!

6. Add some white dots in the background for snow! Seal in your creation with a good top coat!

I’d like to see your recreations! Use #thebasecoat on Instagram (:

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