Perfect Porch

Isn’t this just wonderful?? I spied this wee haven in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Yessir, I could easily picture myself sitting outside, sipping something, reading something and watching the world go by….. rain or shine.

Just a reminder, if you haven’t yet, to pop over to my fan page and enter my draw for a cookbook, and something special I’ll send along as well. I am picking a name on Wednesday. Just add a comment to the entry about the contest or join my fan page if you are not already a member. (It’s our secret club…. now all we need is a secret tree fort to make into our clubhouse!)

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to share for ages. My new friend Sara Harley who lives just outside Bridgewater makes these beautiful stained glass pieces using windows from old farmhouses. Aren’t they gorgeous?? I just realized that I only have details of the windows here and not a full shot, but you get the idea. Sara is from Ontario originally and she and her husband decided to make the big escape and move to Nova Scotia. You can read all about her Nova Scotian adventures on her blog.

This window has the seasons represented in the trees.

I love these words etched on the roots of the trees. Important words, foundations for a good life.

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