Photography Adventure, Snap Snack :)

We are finally getting a bit of grey weather after all the wonderful sunshine of late August. My fair city Halifax, taken from the shores of our sister Dartmouth. We have a wonderful waterfront that one can stroll along for several kilometers.
Speaking of strolling….Love, Me Boutique is holding a series of workshops……

The first one is a photographic walk through the Public Gardens and Spring Garden Road area, led by me! We will finish with a yummy boxed lunch supplied by Little Red Kitsch’n. mmm. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if a cupcake found its way into that box too.

This will be a lot of fun. When was the last time you carved out some time to just be creative with your camera, meet some new like minded pals and have a picnic. Umm, never? Well rectify it now!
If it goes well, we will try various parts of the city for future walks.

Here is the blurb from Love, Me Boutique


You LOVE photography but you take the same photos over and over the same exact way.

You LOVE your camera but you never really take it out except the odd family function.

You LOVE meeting new like-minded people and having interesting experiences but you rarely step-out.

You LOVE yummy fresh sweetly packaged lunches. No buts.

YOU are in need of a photographic adventure pronto!

Saturday, September 17, 9-12 join photographer/painter/blogger/creative Shelagh Duffett and some new friends for a group photo adventure through the Public Gardens and the Spring Garden Road areas, finishing with a packaged lunch (included). Shake off the sleepiness of summer. Rev up your creative eye.

This adventure has a limited registration to provide a more intimate learning/sharing environment. To avoid disappointment, be sure not to delay in purchasing your ticket. Your can purchase them on-line here or in person at Love, Me Boutique, 1539 Birmingham Street, Halifax Halifax. CALL 444-3668 for more info.

What exactly is a Photo Adventure?

A photo adventure is a small group interested in learning new ways to capture our city through their camera lens. We take a fluid, rambling tour with our cameras and it is never the same twice. With our guide, photographer Shelagh Duffett, we will explore a small section of Halifax and have fun taking creative photos. Shelagh will lead you to photograph new things in new ways with verbal prompts, gentle suggestion and light guidance. This is NOT a technical photography or camera workshop. This is a guided exploration. This is an adventure.

How long will the Photo Adventure last?

The walk begins at Love, Me Boutique at 9 am and continues until noonish . I say ish because let’s face it, when you get a gang together who are having fun and enjoying eachother’s company, well, you lose track of time. And while we will try to stay on schedule for those of you who have obligations, this adventure has no agenda other than to explore the city through the lens of our camera.

What do I need? What is provided?

Your fee includes a fabulous photographic explorer, Shelagh Duffett, and a deliciously scrumptious boxed lunch provided by local chef and caterer Jenna of Little Red Kitsch’n.

You will need to bring your super awesome self, a camera (digital is best but feel free to use film), a bag of sorts to carry your personal needs, your own water (suggested), your PROVIDED lunch box, and perhaps a small notebook.

Do I need to register?

Yes. There is a maximum group size and we need a head count for lunches by Thursday, September 15th at noon. Sign up here. Or call 444-3668 / visit Love, Me Boutique in person and reserve your spot today.

Why would I sign up for this when I could just take my camera and my own self for a walk?

You could. You should. But isn’t it nice to have a guide when approaching new things or boning up on a favorite thing? Isn’t there always some new perspective you can learn from another brilliant creative person? And isn’t it lovely to be in the company of like-minded people having an adventure and meeting new friends?

What is the cost?

The 3 hour walk with a guide and a boxed lunch is just $40 ($30 if you are a student with valid student i.d. – If you buy on-line enter the discount code STUDENT and then bring your student i.d. to the event.) Also, when you register online, there will be a prompt for vegetarian luch option or not.

PS: The other workshops are painting classes. There are 4 of them & I am leading one on Sept 30th.


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