Physicians Formula Brow Boosting kit

Weeks ago, Physicians Formula was 40% off at Shoppers and I took the opportunity to grab a few of their new Spring 2016 products.

From L-R:
– Mineral Wear All-in-one cushion foundation
– #InstaReady Super BB cream
– Eye Booster Doll Lash Extension kit and 4-in-1 Brow Boosting kit.

Being a drugstore brand, Physicians Formula has gone pretty pricy, I realized. Make sure to catch a big sale and use those $9 rebate stickers on the packaging to save.

Physicians Formula week starts today with the Eye Booster 4-in-1 Brow Boosting kit in Universal Brown.

I have gone super curious about brow products recently, obviously could not pass up on this convenient kit.

Held inside the plastic box are 2 items for a complete brow routine:
– The pencil has one end to shape and fill, and the other end to highlight
– The metal tube houses a lightweight tinted gel to set the brow, and the double-sided brush/ comb at the top to groom.

I enjoy this short and small brush. It deposits the good amount of gel and also helps with keeping the brow hair in the desired direction.

The gel does not dry hard so the brow looks more natural, but I find the tint is still a little light for my hair colour, so the fill-in step with the pencil is still necessary.

The proper order for the kit:
– Use the brush and comb to brush brow hair into place
– Apply highlighter under brow following the arch, blend. Can also add highlighter above the arch and blend for an instant brow lift.

– Fill in sparse areas with brow pencil with short, feathery strokes in the same direction of brow hair growth
– Brush brow gel onto brows in light, upward strokes to set.

The pencil in the kit is chubby, slightly smaller than Annabelle Brow Show brow liner + highlighter (0.06oz/ 1.8g vs. 0.07oz/ 2.21g). My brows needs quite a bit of filling so the darker end of the pencil wears out faster than the highlight end.

The highlighter feels more creamy than the pencil, which is normal. I swatched them next to the 2 ends of Annabelle Brow Show (right). Very similar, with the highlighter being slightly more pink. They hold the brows through the day, I am happy.

The gel tube has 0.23oz/ 6.5g, almost twice the amount in Essence Make Me Brow (0.12oz/ 3.8ml, $3.99), so the $21.50 price tag makes sense. 40% off + $9 rebate on top of that make an irresistible deal 🙂

The product is fragrance/ paraben/ gluten and cruelty free, safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

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