Pip, pip and all that…..

Now that I have your attention….:)
I’ve been away from this blog spending time with these English Gents and many others like them. The Halifax Buskers Festival is on at the moment and it has been a wonderful ten days of hot sunny weather and a lively waterfront.!
This is how they started off…

As the show progressed, great hilarity ensued

And extraordinary feats of strength and skill.

Stay tuned….. tomorrow I think my iLOVENova Scotia video goes live. I uploaded it today and the site said within 24 business hours it would be up:) It was torture to edit because my computer crashed after EVERY cut! But as primitive and unpolished as it is, it makes me smile each time I see it. Fun to do. I will link to it here of course! And will do it every day until the voting is over. Somehow, I have to get over 20,000 votes!!!!!!! Yikes. Can we do it? Yes we can:) We can certainly try:)

Actors Turned Authors

NOTD: Zoya Elise