Pizza Night in This House

Good evening bloggies.  So,  it’s only 720pm and I have already got a fire roaring, 40 mins of cardio under my belt, supper in my belly and lunches made.  This whole having a second car thing seems to have made me quite productive. 🙂

So lets talk meal planning.  Do you do it?  I never really have before, expect for our week day lunches.  But these past two weeks before I’ve gone grocery shopping I’ve actually sat down and wrote out our Suppers and I have to say it’s really been beneficial.  I only buy the items on the list with the regular breaky and snack stuff, it’s probably saved me a few bucks over the past month and I like knowing that when I open the cupboard I have all the ingredients for several meals.


I opted out of going to the #halifaxchicks tweet-up at the Wooden Monkey tonight so that hubby and I could have a bit of QT.   Seemed like a good night for pizza……

Homemade ww crust with a few shakes of ground flax for added crunch.

Rolled out on the pizza stone with a bit of cornmeal. 

Spread on the tomato paste…

And a good shake of oregano, rosemary, chili flakes and parm cheese.

Topped with whatever veggies are on-hand.  In this case – green peppers, red peppers, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. Plus a good dose of 3 blend shredded cheese.  Then into the oven for 15…..

Voila! Yummy, healthy pizzie 🙂 One half of the pizza was 9 points.

Oh and I just want to take a second and brag up the lovely Lex.  Hubby needed a cake made for work and I’ve been really busy so I placed an order for a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. (Sorry for the lopsided pic, the cake sort of slide of the plate thing on the drive home.)

Doesn’t it look yummy though?!  I was really pleased. 🙂

I may have requested that he bring me home a small sliver….which I devoured for dessert.  OMG, the cream cheese icing was A.MAZ.ING!!!  Yup, for anyone in the Halifax area who needs a cake made, Lex is definitely your girl!

I’m taking off for the night.  Thinking we’ll catch up on several shows that have been on the DVR forever. 🙂

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