Point Pleasant Park

One of my favourite places in the city. Point Pleasant Park.  I used to come here often but after Hurricane Juan I was too upset with the damage to visit for a long time. Today after being cooped up inside at the market all weekend I had to do some “forest bathng”🙂

I have re-discovered this park again this last year. It is coming back to itself. Healing. This tree looked beautiful to me, like a totem or a surreal being reaching for the sky.

This beautiful Copper Beech on Cable Road is one of my fave trees in the park. There are quite a few of them scattered throughout the forest. There is another up near the heather patch I must check on next time I am there.

Look closely and you will see a hidden Blue Jay.
Point Pleasant Park Cable Road again. This is the nicest walk as far as I am concerned. It runs along the NorthWest Arm and late in the afternoon/early evening the light is beautiful. There are often sailboats gliding by and in the early morning the rowing teams are out on the still water. There was a little squirrel who raced ahead of me on this fence, stopping at each post until I came closer.

Not sure what this flowering tree was.

Back up on the main road.into the park
Point Pleasant Park
We are so lucky to have this patch of green at the tip of our city!

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2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literay Award

2012 International IMPAC Dublin Literay Award

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