Police charge man for weapons and impaired driving offences

Police have charged a man for weapons and impaired driving offences after an incident in Halifax last night.

At approximately 7:20 p.m. police were called to the Wedgewood Motel located at 374 Bedford Highway, Halifax. It was reported that a man was at that location with a firearm and a bat.

Prior to police arrival the man had driven his vehicle onto the lawn of the property. The man threatened a group of people who were not known to him causing an altercation that ended quickly with the man being disarmed.

Officers arrested the man without incident and seized a replica firearm and a bat.

Dylan Robert Bellamy, 25 of Halifax, is scheduled to appear in Halifax Provincial Court today to face the following charges:

  • Possess weapon dangerous to public (88(1) cc)
  • Pointing a firearm (87(1) cc) x5
  • Using an imitation firearm in an offence (85(2)a cc) x5
  • Fail to comply with probation order (733.1(1)(a) cc) x2
  • Break and enter with intent to commit offence (348(1)(a) cc)
  • Assault with a weapon (267(A) cc) x 6
  • Uttering threats to cause death (264.1(1)(a) cc)
  • Operation of a conveyance while impaired by alcohol (320.14 cc)
  • Driving while prohibited (320.18 cc)
  • Dangerous operation of a conveyance (320.13 cc)
  • Refusal to comply with demand (320.15 cc)


Source : Media Release

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