Police conducting special checks in parks

With the onset of warmer weather, we see an increased use of our outdoor public spaces. To ensure the safe and lawful enjoyment of our parks and in anticipation of a busy summer, Halifax Regional Police has been and will continue to conduct special checks in a number of parks and open spaces throughout our jurisdiction.

Officers are focusing on illegal behavior in parks including indecent sexual acts, underage drinking, property damage, littering, lighting open fires and creating disturbances.

Citizens are reminded of the following legislation related to prohibited activities in parks:

        HRM By-Law P-600 Respecting Municipal Parks

o   Being in a park between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., unless otherwise posted

o   Destroying flora and fauna, park facilities, equipment or signs

o   Engaging in violent or threatening conduct

o   Lighting open fires

o   Camping, unless otherwise posted

o   Erecting or placing anything in the park for the purpose of temporary or permanent accommodations

o   Operating vehicles in the park, except wheelchairs and bicycles unless posted

This is a list of the most common violations. For a complete list of prohibited activities see HRM By-Law P-600 athttp://www.halifax.ca/legislation/bylaws/hrm/documents/By-lawP-600.pdf

        NS Liquor Control Act, Section 87 (1) prohibits intoxication in a public place.

        Criminal Code of Canada, Section 175 (1)prohibits creating a disturbance in or near a public place.


If you witness prohibited activity in a park, please report it to police immediately by calling 902-490-5020.

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