Police investigate stabbing in Dartmouth


At 1825 hours Police responded to the ar­ea of Thistle St. and Wyse Rd of a repor­ted stabbing. Police located a 40 year old male with a stab wound to the lower abdomen.


The Victim was transported to ho­spital by EHS and tr­eated for his injuri­es, non life threati­ng. The Victim descr­ibed the incident wh­ere a group of 7 teen age youths surroun­ded him and asked for cigarettes, at this time one of the te­ens, a white male st­abbed him with a kni­fe. The other teens are described a at least two black males and two females, one white and the other black.


The Victims back pack was taken as the teens ran fr­om the area. Multiple Police units respo­nded to the area to check for the Suspec­ts but were not loca­ted. This incident will be investigated by Integrated General Investigated Secti­on


Source: Media Release


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