Police investigating sexual assault involving taxi driver

Police are investigating a sexual assault that occurred on June 4 and was reported to police on the evening of June 6.

At approximately 1 a.m., a man driving a taxi in the area of Grafton and Blowers Streets picked up a 25-year-old female passenger. While driving, the man touched the victim in a sexual manner before dropping her off at the requested destination.

The suspect is described as Middle Eastern man in his late 30s.

Sexual assault investigations are very complex. As part of our victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to sexualized violence, we work closely with victims to ensure they’re willing to proceed with a police investigation, which includes giving a statement about the incident and providing a description of the suspect if possible. Police must also ensure the victim’s privacy is upheld and well-being is fully considered; sexual assault investigators have been taking these measures since first speaking with the victim, and we’re now in a position to report this incident to the public.


Source: Media Release

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