Police Release Third Quarter Crime Stats

Halifax Regional PoliceHRM Partners in Policing are releasing the 2009 third quarter crime statistics. Overall, crime is down 0.61% when comparing the third quarter of 2009 to the same time frame in 2008.

Violent crime is up 0.5%, with increases in homicides, attempted homicides and assaults, and a slight decrease in robberies.

Property crime has risen 2.7%, with increases in thefts and break and enters, and decreases in thefts of motor vehicles and frauds.

HRM Partners in Policing are staying the course with their crime reduction strategy.

Halifax Regional Police and RCMP Halifax District will continue to focus on hot spots policing and deploy their Quick Response and Street Crime Units to target the criminal element responsible for the majority of violent crimes.

They will also continue to monitor those who are on court imposed conditions, and put officers in close contact with the community to address crime as well as quality-of-life issues.

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