Police to focus on speeding in July

Halifax Regional PoliceIn its continued effort to address traffic safety issues and educate citizens on the rules of the road, the HRP/RCMP Integrated Traffic Unit will focus on speeding enforcement during the month of July.

“It is well known that speed often plays a role in collisions,” said Constable Brian Palmeter, Public Information Officer for the Halifax Regional Police. “We remind motorists that increased speed decreases your reaction time and increases your stopping distance.”

Police point out that the summer brings an increase of tourists, cyclists and pedestrians who all share the roadway.

“The added traffic can be more distracting which means motorists must be alert and prepared to react,” said Palmeter. “Please help ensure this summer is safe for everyone by obeying the speed limit.”

The Unit’s focus during June was motorcycle and bicycle safety awareness. Officers wrote 867 Summary Offence Tickets during the month for a range of Motor Vehicle Act violations.

Officers also issued a number of helmet tickets but noticed an increase in people complying with the helmet law.

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