Police urge motorists to stay off the roads

HRM Partners in Policing are asking motorists to stay off the roads if at all possible in light of today’s weather.
Since early this morning, police have responded to several calls relating to stranded motorists on snow-covered roads and others being unable to negotiate steep or sharply curving roads. Road conditions are deteriorating and we are experiencing near white-out conditions in some areas of the city. We’ve also received complaints of drivers not adjusting their driving habits for the weather conditions. The weather forecast is calling for more snow and high winds throughout the day which will make driving even more treacherous.
Unless you absolutely have to be on the roads, please refrain from driving. We understand that some residents have to be on the roads for various reasons. If you do have to drive, please slow down, plan for extra time to get to your destination and adjust your driving habits. A vehicle’s stopping distance increases when it’s slippery so allow extra space between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. When approaching a red light or stop sign, begin stopping earlier to help prevent sliding into the intersection. Pedestrians are also reminded to make eye contact with drivers and wait until the vehicle comes to a complete stop before attempting to cross the road at crosswalks.   
Source: Release

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