Police Warn of Canada Revenue Agency Scam

[Published Information via HRP Release]

Canada Revenue Agency scam targeting citizens

In light of tax season, police are warning citizens of a scam involving fraudulent emails and phone calls purporting to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

This month, the Financial Crime Unit of the Integrated Criminal Investigation Division has received numerous reports from citizens who have been contacted by a suspect claiming to be from the CRA. The suspect asks for personal information or tells that the victim that they owe the CRA a sum of money. In some cases, the suspect threatens the victim with potential jail time or deportation, and uses aggressive and forceful language.

These emails and phone calls are not legitimate. If you receive such a call, hang up and contact police.

More information on the scam is available from the CRA website at:

Investigators remind citizens to be wary of any calls or emails asking for money and to make sure the situation is legitimate before sending money or making a donation. You should also refrain from providing personal information, whether the solicitation occurs by telephone, email or in person, unless you have initiated the contact or you are certain of the identification of the person and the legitimacy of the organization they claim to represent. Providing personal information such as your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and date of birth could lead to identity theft.

If you have been the victim of a scam, you should report the matter to police by calling 902-490-5016.

Source: Media Release


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