Police warn public of fraudulent phone calls

**** HRP Media Release

Police warn public of fraudulent phone calls

Halifax Regional Police would like to notify the public of a recent increase in calls where a scammer identifies themselves as a police officer or representative of the Canada Revenue Agency and advises the caller they must pay money, usually by forwarding gift card information, or converting cash to Bitcoin, to avoid prosecution.

A common theme of late is the scammer will advise the victim they have been identified as possessing a number of fraudulent bank accounts. They are told a warrant has been issued and the police may already be on their way to arrest them. To avoid being arrested they are given the option of paying, usually by one of the above noted means.

No police agency, nor the Canada Revenue Agency will ever make such phone calls. The callers in these cases are scammers. Do not provide or confirm any personal information to the caller and hang up the phone. ​


Fraud prevention advice can be found on the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre website at:


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