Port of Wines Replacement and Make Your Own McD’s


The McDonalds on Lacewood now has “Create Your Taste” which gives you 30 options to create a burger, you pick the bun, toppings, and condiments. Then when its ready they bring it to your table. It’s the first in Atlantic Canada but plans are to go chain wide.

The NSLC is opening “The Port” on Clyde St. at Birmingham, in the next couple weeks as a replacement to the Port of Wines on Doyle. I had a chance to take a sneak peak take a look here.
interior 1

Chatime Bubble Tea is opening in the old Dio Mio space on Brenton (under the Spring Garden Credit Union). Chatime is Headquartered in Taiwan and has over 1000 locations.

The Holiday Inn Express on Kearney Lake became Chateau Bedford, but now the Quality Inn across the street has become a Holiday Inn Express.


DSW in Bayers Lake opens April 19th at 8 AM am

Winners going in Park Lane NOT HAPPENING, there were negotiations, but a deal never went through, Park Lane is starting to move around shops starting with Samuel & CO, who is moving to the front doors. This is all to accommodate Dollarama, who will be opening near the rear of the mall.

Still no movement at Island Greek and in the window you can see a notice of arrears for back rent on a counter in the shop. It looks like it’s not coming back.


I have been carrying on with my #ReTalesMadness and I am down to the Final two restaurants, Le Bistro by Liz vs. Chef’s Menu

A&W riding on a bit of publicity, is the first national chain switching to French’s Ketchup and Mustard,

I hit a social media milestone this week by cracking 10 000 likes o Facebook.


A new food truck called Lobster Jo’s is coming to Mahone Bay

If you are having BurgerWeek withdrawal, all April in Kings County they are having Burger Wars http://campaignforkids.com/burgerwars/


Small local business on the peninsula or DT Dartmouth, submissions are open for Open City which takes place on May 7th http://www.ilovelocalhfx.ca/v1/?p=1794

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