PRCC Weekly – July 12th-16th

jessica_mThis week may have been rainy and dark but things at the Prospect Road Community Centre were certainly busy and exciting. The centre hosted three more groups of children in our three different summer camps as well as four more sampler programs.
– By Jessica Morrissey

The theme this week for our Summertime Adventure Camp and My Pals and Me Preschool was “Random Theme Week” where the children enjoyed a different theme every day. Monday was Pajama Day, where many campers wore their pajamas for the day; followed by Halloween Day on Tuesday where we saw many different costumes and even had a toilet paper mummy competition. Wednesday was crazy hair and hat day; our preschoolers celebrated this day by decorating paper hats to take home as their craft of the day.

Thursday was Hawaiian Day and thankfully the sun began to shine so we were able to set up the sprinkler for the campers to enjoy for the afternoon. Friday was Decade Day which brought back some fond memories for many of our parents when helping their children prepare for that day. The rain earlier in the week did not stop our camp from being fun for all. We were able to thankfully watch a movie in our conference room which was projected onto the big screen to make the campers feel as if they were at a movie theatre.

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