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This is my friend Angie, of Angie All the Way and she is 35 weeks pregnant! That’s how far along I was when my daughter was born and she was tiny but perfect! Angie and I had some fun on the weekend.

Here are some of the pictures we took. Bear with me, I have a few!

These were taken at the Dingle. A lovely park on the NorthWest Arm that used to be the estate of Sir Sanford Flemming.

These adorable scuffed shoes were Angies when she was a babe.

This was funny, the shoes were bobbing up and down because the baby was bouncing and kicking:) You can see the happy look on Angie’s face, slightly distracted, connecting with the baby moving inside.

We were there about 8:45 am but I think it should have been earlier, the sun was quite high in the sky even at that hour.

Love the look on her face in this black and white photo.

OK. all done. Time for ice cream!

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