Preggo Pancakes

Now I dunno about any of you who have experienced the so-called “morning sickness” that they leave you to believe is a “morning” phenomenon when clearly that’s a big fat lie because for me it’s more of an afternoon and evening sickness!  One of the things that tend to agree with me the most when I’m feeling this way seems to be carby things like toast with almond butter and jam and a glass of milk (yes I’ve had this for supper)!  I’m not normally a “pancake” person, but the idea of it appealed to me so much, and I eyed this little gem while shopping at Planet Organic:


Nature’s Path Organic Buttermilk Pancake Mix + water = nice and golden and FLUFFY!


Than I jazzed it up with LIBERTE GREEK YOGURT THAT WE NOW FINALLY HAVE ON OUR SHELVES!!!!!!  IT’S ABOUT TIME CANADA GOT SOME REAL GREEK YOGURT!!!!!!!! WOOOOT!  So thick and creamy and pure awesomeness :-) 


There’s TWENTY GRAMS of protein per serving for only 110 calories!  Ummm……pardon moi?  Sounds like a perfect food for a baby mama to me!

After the yogurt, I topped it with a sliced banana and thawed frozen strawberries and pure Nova Scotia maple syrup (is there any other kind?)


The perfect “fluffy” factor too:


And I did something I’ve never done before.  I only made half the batter, so I stored the rest of it in a container in the fridge and it made another perfect pancake two days later easy peasy!

What kinds of things do you like to eat when your tummy is acting up?

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