Premier Meets With Premier Prentice

Trade and investment, immigration and labour mobility were among the main issues discussed yesterday, Nov. 25, in the first meeting between Premier Stephen McNeil and new Alberta Premier Jim Prentice.

“Our first face-to-face meeting was productive and engaging and set the groundwork for ongoing collaboration,” said Premier McNeil, who travelled to Edmonton to visit Premier Prentice.

“It was a pleasure to meet and discuss with Premier McNeil matters that impact both Alberta and Nova Scotia,” said Premier Prentice. “The agreements we signed during our meeting will improve apprentice mobility and promote the mutual recognition of pre-employment training between our provinces.”

In August, Nova Scotia and Alberta announced agreements in principle to ensure pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training and hours are transferrable between both provinces. The two premiers signed agreements today, formalizing that commitment. The agreements will make it easier for skilled trades workers to move between the two provinces, helping apprentices get their required training and complete their certification faster.

“In today’s economy it is critical for workers to be able to move all over the country with assurance that their certification will be recognized,” said Premier McNeil.

Premier McNeil is visiting the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton to speak with students in trades training programs about the positive impact the agreements will have on their apprenticeship options.

The two premiers also expressed a shared desire for the federal government to increase the caps on immigration levels with the Provincial Nominee Program.

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