Premiers Discuss Regional Collaboration

Regional collaboration and enhanced co-operation were the key topics of the first official meeting today, Nov. 21, between Premier Stephen McNeil and New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant.

“We had an excellent discussion of the opportunities for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to achieve greater regional collaboration in a number of practical and strategic areas, including the provision of services and on government procurement,” said Premier McNeil.

“The meeting was a productive one,” said Premier Gallant. “We share a number of common interests and I believe it is important as Atlantic premiers that we find more ways to work in partnership as a region and continue to harmonize policies.”

Possible areas of collaboration discussed include marketing of the region as a top tourism destination as well as shared purchasing of pharmaceutical drugs and medical equipment.

The premiers also talked about common economic challenges and opportunities for realignment.

Premiers McNeil and Gallant agreed to further discussions beginning with bi-lateral meetings between ministers of their respective governments.

Source: Release

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