Prom Off: Lauren, Intern Eden and the Oscar After Parties

L-A: This is going to be a two post Wednesday. Or maybe I’ll write this and decide to give you a Thursday post. Oscar funtime + Fashion Weeks + our call for prom dresses has meant an embarrassment of riches on our end: so much awesomeness, so little time. Makes me wish I could blog full time, but then I remember that my landlord likes to be paid in cash money and not in blog posts. Onwards and upwards!

One of the great things about Oscars is that fancy famous people get to wear their giant couture prom wear on one red carpet and then change for the after parties. And just because they looked fabulously fashionable on one red carpet does not mean they didn’t make questionable choices for the next. Like Amanda Seyfried (who will always be Lilly Kane to me, no matter what I watch her in) who brought the dress porn in Armani for the ceremonies and then proceeded to look like she was playing Peter Pan on the next:

Maybe that Valentino dress is fantabulous in real life, but I have yet to find a photo that doesn’t make me want to give her green tights, a high wire, and a role on Broadway.

Anna Kendrick – who also had a pretty ceremony dress – looked like she went for a toned-down ice dance outfit. Or a toned-down Bjork dress.

I don’t think I’m completely crazy for saying that. I mean, stick a swan head on the kid’s dress and she’s in Bjork territory. Or, stick skates on them and send them to the Olympics, they are dressed for it (it’s the sparkly sheer material that makes me think figure skating). (Anna’s dress looked way better on the runway. I agree with whoever wrote this – it would have been better if they ditched the sheer fabric for non-runway wear).

At least the celebrities dress up when they change out of their gowns. Unlike my Safe Grad, where we changed out of our pretty dresses in favour of jeans and t-shirts (oh Safe Grad…a good idea in theory…except we were still drunk in a field within 24 hours of our prom. There was no stopping us. Peach Schnapps anyone?).

And speaking of proms: we put the call out for dresses, we promised and delivered our own, and a few of you are absolute gems and sent us yours. Let’s start with Lauren, who writes: worst hair, but BEST DRESS. I would wear it every day. People were astonished that I wore lavender and didn’t sport my typical goth-y eyeliner. [we don’t judge hair. At least I won’t. Not after showing you my Shirley Temple hair.]

Well played, Lauren. I’ve already admitted to being a sucker for the empire waistline. And you don’t look like the cotton candy confections that you see so often at proms (that alone wins you a couple of points in my books…having said that, if someone out there happened to wear one, please send us dresses that look like cotton candy confections! The bigger, the better! I’m not judging, it’s not my thing when it comes to prom-wear). And while I know from Lauren’s tweets that she has only recently and reluctantly watched the BBC extravaganza that is Pride & Prejudice, I think this is a dress that The Firth would brood over.

You see. Both The Firth and his sideburns: brooding. (that’s a good thing).

Lauren’s comment that she would wear this dress everyday got me thinking: Auntie Fashion is on to something with her Wear a Gown to Work Day.  The biggest problem with that sort of day would be: which gown to wear? (I wish I was serious….I need a gown).

Next up, It’s Official Intern Eden back when she was only 19 or something and at the King’s College YAS ball (she told us that her actual prom dress consisted of fluttery sleeves and pearl buttons. Eden is from Hippieland, BC, so it is understandable):

Smoking indoors! I forgot people used to do that. It’s like looking at an episode of Mad Men.  Also, I’m wondering if this is the leopard print dress or just an earlier version of it?  (Eden has a leopard print dress that has become a thing of legends).  One more thing:  nice bitchface. It says to me, “your mother will hate me, but that is part of what makes me so hot.” Which reminds me, one of these days we are going to give out The Bitchface Awards: prepare yourselves and prepare your best bitchfaces, as you will be competing against Ally, Queen of the Bitchface.

AllyG: Bitches, I’ve had a day. My son cried in my face all day long. Nothing puts you off a good fashion post like baby barf in the mouth (true story) and crying in the face. Nothing. Trust.

A few things here.

1. Lauren is HOT. Love the dress. Love the face. Love the hair.

2. A picture exists out there of myself and Official Intern Eden with her leopard dress and my blue, sequin prom dress. I believe it to be in a UKC yearbook. I’m on the hunt! I’ll also give you this. Eden and I were in a play together at King’s (we were Theatre majors…shocking, I know). This play included me having to (and by having, I mean I specifically asked the director if I could) sing Christina Auguilera’s What a Girl Wants:

I played a drag queen. For reals. It was awesome. We were awesome.

3. L-A, your Peter Pan reference was the best thing to happen to me today. It almost erased the sweet taste of baby barf in my mouth. If only the Peter Pan reference could have gone back in time and told me that playing “airplane” after a big meal of oatmeal baby cereal was a terribly bad idea.

A Thursday post will be coming. I do have things to say that are fashion-related. Just not tonight. Tonight, I watch crap TV and have El Jeffe brush my hair and tell me I am a good mother. And that I am pretty.

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Out east, having a blast