Prospect Road area rolls their own transit


What do you do when your rural community is looking for transit service and none is planned by the Municipality?  The Resource Opportunities Centre (ROC), a community development association supporting communities along the Prospect Road decided to do it themselves.  After a year of volunteer planning, the ROC launched a community transit service earlier today.
With $50,000 in funding from the Nova Scotia Transit Research Incentive Program (NS-TRIP) the ROC has contracted Need-A-Lift to operate a single bus which will travel within the community and transport passengers to the Community Recreation Centre and to Exhibition Park to connect with Metro Transit.
Mayor Peter Kelly and Councillor Reg Rankin will officially open the service at the Prospect Road Recreation Centre (2141 Prospect Road) on Tuesday, July 19 at 11:00 am.  A regularly scheduled bus will then depart the Rec Centre at 11:27 am and travel to Halifax Shopping Centre and downtown Halifax.
Further information is available on the ROC website ( under the “Transit” tab.

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