protect-a-bub: sun protection for life’s little adventures

My children have more air miles on them than any other children I know! Seems like we’re always doing something, flying somewhere or packed up for a road trip to visit someone. Travelling with two kids in tow isn’t always easy and since I don’t anticipate slowing down anytime soon, we’ve had to search out the best solutions for common problems/issues we’ve come across during our adventures. After hours in the car on road trips around Canada, I’ve arrived at our destinations with sunburned cheeks and a red nose more times that I can count. You don’t really notice especially with the air conditioner on, but the sun beams through the windows and has the same affect on your skin as it would if you were outside at the beach without sunscreen on. I’d never send out the children without a hat on at the very least, but in the car what do you do when you have an infant under 6 months who really shouldn’t have sunscreen applied to their delicate skin? {click title to read more}

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