Provably Fair in Online Casinos and How It Works

Online gambling is no longer a novelty. Gamblers have been using online casinos, such as There are companies that monitor the integrity of gambling sites. Yet, there are still users who do not trust anyone and want to make sure themselves that the casino is not cheating. They are looking for different methods to verify the slot machines. One such method is Provably fair, based on cryptocurrencies.

What Is Provably Fair and Its Operation

Provably fair is a method based on cryptographic hash functions offered to the visitor as a fair game check. 

To check the integrity of the online casino with the Provably fair, the player needs to know a few terms:

  • Client seed. It is a sequence of numbers that the client sets.
  • Server seed. This is a sequence of characters generated by the server.
  • Nonce. This is the number of bets in the game.

Then, having data from both the client and operator sides, the system generates the result of a round. Mersenne Twister is used to generate pseudorandom numbers. Instantaneous generation result is calculated before the game, and the player can see it after placing a bet. The fact that the online casino does not cheat is proven by the fact that it has the same starting and ending caches.

Reasons for Appearance

During the existence of online casinos, have already formed regulatory organizations and ways to clarify the honesty of the gambling platform. But there are still gamblers who are not sufficiently aware of the signs of a reliable casino and find themselves on the resources of scammers, where they are cheated either during the game or the withdrawal of money not allowing them to get the winnings. There are also simply distrustful gamblers. They suspect any casino of cheating, no matter how many positive reviews about it and no matter what position in the rating of gambling sites it occupies. Perhaps they like not even so much the process of the game as the analysis of the credibility of the results.

But that’s not the only reason why the checking algorithms were created. They are developed as substitutes for certificates and licenses for cryptocurrency casinos. Gambling resources based on blockchain technology do not comply with the laws of almost every country, as perfectly such a gambling site should observe complete anonymity and not collect any information about the client. The user and the service provider only come into contact with cryptocurrency address numbers when the gambler deposits and buys betting tokens, and then sells and withdraws his winnings. No identification and verification of accounts are required. The regulatory authority cannot give such an operator a license.

All in all, probably fair is a method that allows users to determine the trusted casino. Yet, today it is not a great choice if you want to find a reliable slot machine. Modern games are developed with more elaborate techniques. So, it is harder to decrypt these slots.

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