Province Moving Forward With MV Miner Salvage

The province is pushing forward to remove the MV Miner off the coast of Scatarie Island. The MV Miner is a bulk carrier that ran aground more than two years ago.

“The MV Miner has been off our coast for too long,” said Geoff MacLellan, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister.

“I understand the concerns of residents and I agree that we need to take leadership on this issue. I’m looking forward to getting this job done.”

The next steps will include issuing a request for proposal to remove the wreckage. The province will then work with the federal government on a plan to cost-share the initiative.

“We are deeply relieved and encouraged to see such positive steps being taken so early in the new government’s term,” said Sean Howard, executive committee member of the Main-a-Dieu Community Development Association. “For many months, we have been advocating co-operation between federal and provincial agencies in finally removing the blight and menace of the MV Miner from our shores.”

The MV Miner file is now being led by Nova Scotia Lands to take advantage of in-house expertise. The office of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal has significant expertise leading large salvage and clean-up operations.

“I look forward to working with the community, our federal partners, colleagues in the departments of Natural Resources and Environment, and many others involved in this initiative to remove the MV Miner,” said Mr. MacLellan.

Source: Release

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