Province to Recognize, Protect Apprentice Funeral Directors

An amendment introduced today, Oct. 1, will allow individuals training to become funeral directors to be licensed and registered as apprentices with the Nova Scotia Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.

The Embalmers and Funeral Directors Act currently recognizes apprentice embalmers, but does not provide the same recognition for apprentice funeral directors.

“Until now, the guidelines and requirements for apprentice funeral directors seemed to be much less significant than those for apprentice embalmers,” said Lisa Smith, president, Funeral Service Association, and faculty in the Funeral and Allied Health Services program at the Nova Scotia Community College. “This amendment will now capture what the practice has always been and what the licensing board has always required.”

Service Nova Scotia Minister Mark Furey said the changes will ensure a stream of well-trained and regulated funeral professionals for the future.

These changes are consistent with several other provinces in Canada.

Source: Release

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