Province Works with Experts to Assess Pressure Injuries

Government announced today, June 21, specific actions to address more serious pressure injuries in the province’s long-term care facilities.

Last week, the department required all long-term care facilities to immediately report the number of pressure injuries, commonly known as bedsores, in their facilities and the severity of them.
That reporting identified 152 stage three and four (most severe) pressure injuries in the province.

Wound care experts are now being identified and starting the first week of July, will visit these facilities to assess those residents. Any residents at these facilities with stage one and two injuries will also be seen.

The experts will also work with staff to ensure the knowledge and supplies are in place to properly prevent and treat these injuries, and recommend individual wound management plans.

Additional actions are being taken:
— a provincial wound care standard is being adopted that will be shared with facilities next week. The department will be working with a national wound care expert to review the standard
— information is being developed for long-term care facilities to assist in the prevention and management of pressure wounds, including how to identify the stages
— the information collected by the department is being analyzed to determine next steps.

“We are committed to taking steps to ensure residents in long-term care facilities are getting the best care possible,” said Health and Wellness Minister Randy Delorey. “These actions are about supporting dedicated staff and giving facilities the tools and information they need to address pressure injuries.”

Pressure injuries are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue. Individuals with limited mobility are vulnerable to developing pressure injuries. Blood circulation and the condition of the tissue play a role in the prevalence and severity of injuries.

Information on pressure injury stages can be found at


Source: Media Release

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