Province’s Meat-Processing Industry Gets Low Marks For Inspection

At the Meat Counter

Nova Scotia Auditor General Jacques LaPointe is not happy with the quality and monitoring of meat-processing plants and slaughterhouses in the province.

Metro Halifax says that Lapointe, in his fall report, states that government has not been following through on its departmental audits for the province's 14 processing plants and 28 slaughterhouses, with monthly inspections failing to be carried out on schedule.

This poses a potential health and safety risk to consumers given that there are currently no requirements for bacteria testing at facilities when inspectors come to do an assessment. The article also states that four slaughterhouses were not audited from April 2009 to December 2010 and that recurrent oversights were not rectified in a another plant after problems persisted for two years. 

Tell us what you think Haligonia: Why has the province not stepped up their health and safety requirements for the meat-processing industry before now? Will this change your buying habits when it comes to locally processed animal products?

Read the full article here:–slaughterhouse-inspections-fail-to-make-the-cut



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