Provincial News: EMO moves into action as Aliant phone service in CB severed

Provincial release:
A wide-spread telephone outage is taking place on Cape Breton Island and affecting 911 service. Bell Aliant technicians are working to restore service by 2:30 p.m. today, June 2.

Cape Breton residents without telephone service, including 911 service, needing urgent medical care are advised to go directly to the nearest paramedic base or local emergency room. If there is no ambulance at the paramedic base, proceed to the nearest emergency room. Residents needing immediate fire or police service are advised to go directly to the nearest police station or fire hall for assistance.

RCMP and police presence on the streets are being stepped up and local fire stations are being staffed. Residents are asked to check on neighbours, particularly if they are elderly or otherwise may be in need of assistance.

The Emergency Management Office is working closely with Bell Aliant and has established communications with the municipality of Cape Breton and is implementing additional emergency plans. EMO is working to re-establish communications lines with the affected responders. Ambulance service has implemented its emergency plan and are being strategically located.

Additional information will be provided as soon as available.

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