PSA: Fat free sewers

PSA: Fat free sewers Recently, excessive amounts of Fat, Oil and Grease have been found in the sanitary system in areas of Bedford, which may cause blockages resulting in sewage backing up into homes.

Sewage entering a home represents a significant threat to human health and may require expensive repairs to your property.

It is important to note that the discharge of Fat, Oil and Grease to the wastewater system may contravene Halifax Water’s Rules and Regulations for Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Service.

Halifax Water appreciates your assistance in dealing with this issue and encourages all residents to limit the amount of Fat, Oil and Grease, as well as other household chemicals, that previously may have been discharged in your sewer.

Help keep Fat, Oil and Grease out of your kitchen sink and out of our sewers

Where do Fat, Oil and Grease come from?

Fat, Oil and Grease are created from food preparation and kitchen clean up. Sources are:

– Meat fats
– Food scraps
– Lard/Shortening
– Baking Goods
– Butter/Margarine
– Cooking oil
– Sauces
– Dairy products

Why should I be concerned?

When poured down your drain, Fat, Oil and Grease can build up in your sewer lateral and obstruct the flow, causing a sewer backup into your home or property. These backups are environmental health hazards and may cause significant property damage. Fat, Oil and Grease cause similar issues for our sewer systems and wastewater treatment plants, causing blockages and increasing operation and maintenance costs. This can result in higher costs for everyone.

What can I do?

– Never pour Fat, Oil or Grease down your sink, toilet, or in-sink disposal unit (Garborator).
– Fat, Oil and Grease belong in your green bin, not in our sewers.
– Before rinsing, scrape grease and food scraps off your dishes and food preparation area or wipe with paper towel and place them in your green bin.
– Allow Fat, Oil and Grease pots and pans to cool and solidify. Then wipe out with a paper towel and place in your green bin to be composted.
– Use a sink strainer in your sink drain to prevent food particles from going down the drain.
– Never use chemicals or cleaners to force Fat, Oil, or Grease down the drain. This will just move the problem further down the line.

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We can all do our part to prevent sewer backups and keep our environment clean and safe!


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