Public Housing to Receive Energy Efficient Upgrades



Public Housing to Receive Energy Efficient Upgrades
Public housing across Nova Scotia will receive energy efficiency improvements as the result of an $11 million investment from the province.

The upgrades will take place at 100 public housing structures in 51 communities across Nova Scotia.

“Investing in these retrofitting projects will improve the quality of life and comfort for residents living in public housing across Nova Scotia,” said Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Chuck Porter. “This project also helps reduce operating costs for buildings, decrease greenhouse gases and create local jobs throughout the province.”

The work will include upgrading exterior cladding, installing attic insulation and installing energy efficient windows and doors. These improvements will significantly reduce heating and cooling costs and provide a more comfortable living environment for residents. Additionally, solar panels will be installed on five buildings to produce electricity.

“Across the province, businesses are creating jobs in the energy efficiency sector and throughout the green economy,” said Derek Mombourquette, Minister of Energy and Mines. “Investments like this have helped Nova Scotia become a national leader in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and this will only build on our successes.”

“Energy efficiency is the most cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; we are pleased to partner with Housing Nova Scotia and the province on this important work. These improvements will not just lead to long-term financial and emissions saving but will also improve the overall comfort for residents.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Stephen MacDonald, CEO, EfficiencyOne.

Quick Facts:
— the province owns more than 11,500 public housing units across Nova Scotia under the management of five regional housing authorities
— more than 17,600 individuals and families are living in these units
— since 2016, there has been more than 12,000 energy efficient upgrades to homes and buildings and more than 1.2 million energy efficient products installed
–the federal government already announced $11million in funding towards these upgrades

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