Public Tours to Dinosaur Research Site

Nova Scotians and visitors will be able to travel to a research site along the Bay of Fundy where some of the oldest dinosaur bones in Canada were discovered.

Starting today, Aug. 1 until Thursday, Aug. 3, the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro is offering guided beach tours to the site at Wasson Bluff, Cumberland Co., where the search continues for small fossils of lizard-like animals and dinosaur bones.

“This year’s dinosaur field work is off to a great start, with researchers collecting several new teeth of mammal-like reptiles,” Tim Fedak, director and curator of the museum. “We’re optimistic that they will find new dinosaur bones this week.”

The bones discovered at the site last year are 200 million years old and are on display at the museum. The tours, beginning at 1 p.m., leave from the museum, 162 Two Islands Rd., Parrsboro.
Cost is $20 per person plus museum admission.

The museum is also offering tours to First Beach and Partridge Island throughout the summer months. First Beach is an excellent introduction to the culture and basic geology of the Parrsboro Harbour area. The Partridge Island Tour offers mineral collecting and cultural history of this important site.

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Public Tou­rs to Dinosaur Resea­rch Site